• 19-69 Fragrances Capri Candle
  • 19-69 Fragrances Capri Candle
  • 19-69 Fragrances Capri Candle



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    Capri features an edgy, fresh, light yet comforting scent. Fragrance notes include Sweet and Bitter Orange, Ylang Ylang Extra Oil and White Musk. 19-69 Bougie Parfumée is made from a blend of the finest vegetable waxes.

    Capri scented candle is inspired by the settings of Villa Malaparte and the iconic film Le Mépris (1963) that was filmed on the Isle of Capri.

    TOP NOTES: Mandora Bitter, Orange Sweet Orange, Chamomile, Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, Juniper Berries, Mandarine Oil, Mandarine Leaves Oil, Grapefruit

    MID NOTES: Galbanum, Jasmine Alcoolat, Osmanthus Alcoolat, Ylang Ylang Extract Oil

    BASE NOTES: Orris, Ambroxan, Angelica Seeds, White Musk

    It is always recommended that wicks are trimmed to 1/4” length prior to lighting. Click Here to see our wick cutters.