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Still So Surreal

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Losso Type Poster for Still So Surreal x Spazio Fonte Exhibition - Better Together: Live Sound


Losso Type is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada.

Material: 12gr Paper

Dimensions: 50x70cm

Made in Italy

Still So Surreal

Still So Surreal is an open-source platform and idea incubator with endless possibilities for experimentation. Conceived at the climax of the digital era, they operate in the real world to bring people together through immersive experiences and product stories at the intersection of art, culture and music. They build spaces for cultural exchange by taking a collaborative approach, whether it's in the form of exclusive gatherings, printed matter, limited edition collections or music projects. Still So Surreal allows you to disconnect by connecting.

Spazio Fonte

Spazio Fonte is a space in Milan, Italy where people from around the globe can come together to share their experiences and build ideas together.

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